The Lunacy of Willie Nep: The Show that Happens Only Once Every 6 Years

Through the years, Willie Nepomuceno has done a good ‘jab’ at our country’s leaders via his satirical impressions. When President Marcos left for Hawaii, he gave the chills to the mammoth crowd gathered in Makati celebrating the victory of People Power. Imagine the shock of seeing Marcos wearing the very same wardrobe when he fled appeared on stage with full security offering immediate reconciliation with the people. The crowd simply went wild after a few
seconds of disbelief.


When the military renegade Col. Gringo Honasan was in hiding after staging several coup attempts, who would appear in a press conference but the “Mutiny Idol” himself. Other guest panelists were trembling at the thought of a potential firefight with the surprise invasion. It was Willie Nep, of course. Foreign correspondents went gaga over the “scoop” and the story landed in the international press.

The Gringo reincarnation happened again when he became a “fugitive” Senator and turned up at a morning forum of the ‘Kapihan sa Manila’. The vicinity of the Manila Hotel was swarming with police and military personnel anticipating to capture the rebel lawmaker. The major dailies carried his photos in their front pages. Willie was just promoting his shows at the Music Museum, it turned out.

During the 2004 Presidential campaigns, experienced reporters had a difficult time cornering presidential aspirant Fernando Poe, Jr. for a direct interview. It was only ANC’s Pia Hontiveros who got the rare one on one exchange with “Da King” in his sole television appearance. Not a few newsmen and opinion makers were fooled into believing they were seeing the real thing. With pen in hand they were ready to jot down the wannabe’s action plans… the whole town had more laughs than action instead.


He was even photographed as the newly ousted President Erap giving President GMA the “beso-beso” in a party immediately following his removal from office. He even raised the hand of his bosom friend turned star witness Chavit Singson as a sign of reconciliation. It was another front page material that lightened the tensed situation of the moment.

He likewise had a one on one repartee with President Fidel V. Ramos in more than one occasion. The not so keen observers had a difficult time telling who the real mackoy was when they saw two FVR’s in one photograph. Once more it caught the fancy of news editors and earned a front page treatment in the major local dailies including The Strait Times of Singapore.

Every election season, Willie Nep’s act is a much anticipated event in the live entertainment scene. Last 2010, Willie Nep mounted a hilarious glimpse at Philippine politics at the Music Museum with his “Presidentiables’ Gut Talent”. The Presidential aspirants’ took turns in exhibiting their performance talents as they vie for the title of “Talentadong Pangulo”. Imagine Dick Gordon as a ventriloquist with his doll (who else but Bayani Fernando), Manny Villar showcased his energetic rap singing talent to the tune of his own jingle, Erap magically cuts his smoking and drinking vices including a woman in half, Noynoy in a sword balancing act of a hypnotized lady (not necessarily GMA) and Gibo Teodoro as a pilot who levitates to cloud nine and many more surprises.

The show got a good number of reviews from the leading national dailies with one article making it as the lead feature in a book launched in Manila and New York. It also made an all seats taken record and unexpected number of repeat performances from the original two nights only.

From the original play date on April fool’s day, Willie Nep will reprise his traditional “Show that happens ONLY ONCE EVERY 6 YEARS” political comedy presentation for two nights at the Music Museum on April 30 and May 6, 2016!

Fun starts at 8 in the evening. Tickets are available at the Music Museum 721 6726 and at TicketWorld 891 9999.