The Iconic Harajuku Station is Going to be Demolished Soon

Harajuku Station 2

Filipino tourists who enjoy riding Japan’s trains are set to have their heart broken, as the historic Harajuku Station will be demolished right after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

News of a revamped station was announced as early as 2016, but JR East said they have not decided what to do with the existing structure. It looks like they have made their decision since it will now be demolished.

According to them, they will demolish the wooden station for safety reasons since it is not sufficiently fire resistant. Fret not, because they will rebuild a new one just south of the current station, and will replicate the current design as much as possible.

Harajuku Station

The new station will also have other features like an expanded concourse, more ticket gates, new toilets, and an entrance to the Meiji Shrine side.

The Harajuku Station is the oldest wooden station in Tokyo, having been built in 1924.

Locals and tourists can still use the existing station until March 21, 2020, when the new building is expected to be completed.

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