The Binay Controversy: What Do You Think “Our Place in Batangas” Means?

The Binay Controversy: What Do You Think “Our Place in Batangas” Means?

A quick back story: Many reports have been linking a 350-hectare property in Rosario, Batangas and Vice President Jejomar Binay with each other for quite some time now. The massive agricultural estate in Batangas is allegedly owned by Binay, which is said to be not true since the property is operated by Sunchamp Real Estate Development Corp.

Sunchamp is said to be owned by a businessman named Antonio Tiu, which many think is Binay’s dummy although he denies such allegations.

A local news website,, recently posted a story about Vice President Binay’s daughter’s photos on Instagram that allegedly states their ownership of the aforementioned 350-hectare estate in Batangas. Instagram photos and posts by Joanna Marie Bianca Binay were shown in the  Senate blue ribbon subcommittee hearing that has been investigating the said Batangas property. Senate Majority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano was the one who revealed these photos and posts to the subcommittee.

Based from the photos and posts, Binay’s daughter allegedly went to the property multiple times — in June 2012, December 25, 2012, and November 2013. Furthermore, one photo stood out where Binay’s daughter referred to the estate as “our place in Batangas.”

Binay's daughter instagram our place in batangas 

During the hearing, Cayetano showed the photos and posts, and emphasized of the statement “our place in Batangas.” He then asked Atty. Martin Subido, Tiu’s lawyer, what Binay’s daughter meant by that. Subido replied with, “It could mean a lot of things, your honor.”


Additionally, Cavite Governor Jovic Remulla, Binay’s spokesman, said the photos cannot be used as “proof of ownership”.

What do you think does “our place in Batangas” means?

What are your thoughts on Atty. Subido’s statement when he said “It could mean a lot of things, your honor” when he was asked about the Instagram post?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

The Binay Controversy: What Do You Think “Our Place in Batangas” Means?

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