The Ateneo Special Education Society presents “SPEED (Disability Awareness) Week”


The Ateneo Special Education Society’s Disability Awareness Week will be held from October 23-27, 2017. It is the organization’s flagship project which won project of the year during 2015.  SPEED Week aims to create a safe space for people with special needs as a way to cultivate acceptance among the university students and promote awareness.

This year, the project would be introducing an art gallery replacing the previous years’ costume parade. It will be composed of artworks made by PWSNs. Alongside this are Workspace and our Mural Booth. Workspace puts PWSNs in a work environment in the university’s departments and stalls to gain experience and develop their skills. The Mural Booth allows PWSNs to express their creativity through having them decorate one big sculpture with provided art materials of their choice.

On the last day of SPEED Week, October 27, 2017, there will be a Culminating Activity from 5:00-7:00 pm. It is a concluding event filled with performances from talented PWSNs and students from Ateneo.

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