The 14 places you should consider traveling to after a break-up

So. You’re single again.

That’s okay.

Maybe you’re overwhelmed with the number of people messaging you question marks and “what happened?” or whatever, that’s okay, too. It gets tiring having to re-open the wounds and having to tell people that your significant other said something like “it’s not you, it’s me.”

Whatever the situation, sometimes we just need to get away. I totally agree. Some time away from the everyday and the mundane can get your mind off him/her and will help things sting less. So we asked people where they traveled after their break-ups.


Siargao. Typical and cliche but nonetheless so perfect. – Anonymous


There’s a parking lot in Tagaytay across Gerry’s Grill, parking lot siya ng condo. I went there then wore my earphones habang nasa likod ng pick-up ta’s I just watched the sky. – Cayden Mirpuri


I think one of the best places to go post-break up (as cliche as it sounds) is Japan. There are some people kasi that like peace and quiet – puwede ka magKyoto – as in literal at 5pm shops start to close. Kung gusto mo medyo bustling always alive kind of city, Tokyo – nightlife there is awesome. If you like a mix of both hyper and quiet, Osaka. – Carissa Uy


I think a great place to go to would be New York city. It smacks you in the face with reality and it could take your mind off of a break-up. Also, just heading to a place of wonder with responsibilities is amazing. It keeps your mind occupied. One can always find peace in a city of busy-ness. – Anonymous


Bali. Eat, pray, love. – Anonymous


I joined my mom on her business trip to Palawan, and went stargazing. After the trip, I immersed myself with my good friends and spent time with them. – Felice Perez


We went on a roadtrip to Antipolo also with some alcohol in the middle of the night to karaoke! And mountains! – Anonymous


I went to all the museums I knew of with my mom around manila!! Went to the planetarium as well. – Angel Salcedo


Salon to chop my hair off. – Louise Zarcal


CALAGUAS ISLAND, that’s where I met the love of my life now! – Anonymous

Calaguas and Strong Women


Basic as it might be, Baguio-Sagada. Minimal cell service plus my phone was dead during that time, so isolation from the city did some good. I went there with only 2 other friends, and it was a backpacking type of thing. We took the bus stayed in the cheapest hostels and we didn’t have an itinerary. We just went and it felt like we didn’t have to be constrained to anything. Plus it was after college graduation, so no deadlines and all. It was just being free from everything and enjoying it. – Shea Josue


I went to Anawangin Cove in Zambales with my sister and friends after my breakup, it was lovely and rejuvenating! No service so complete disconnection from everyone else, sunset mountain hike with a view of the coves while ur sweaty and breathless, camping under a starry starry sky with the waves nearby! – Jelly Tuble


To Pinto museum, alone! There’s something about being surrounded by a peaceful, natural, and aesthetically pleasing environment that makes contemplating your existence as a single unit less sad—and teary eyes somehow artful. Like starring in a karaoke background video. – Dyanne Abobo


I went to Seoul, South Korea a year after a bad break up. One cold, autumn night, I went up the famous Namsan Tower, a place famous for lovers, to enjoy the amazing view of the city. Right then and there, I felt so light, so free. I realized that my self-proclaimed entitlement to a perfect relationship, my brokenheartedness were only tiny dots in the vast, beautiful world right in front of me. Then, for the first time in a very long time, I felt at peace with myself. – Anonymous

Where are you heading? Personally, I’m going to whichever place has the most alcohol. Let us know!


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