Thanos flipped off Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool in a hilarious Twitter exchange!

We’re convinced more and more every day that Ryan Reynolds was destined to play Wade Wilson. The way that he just molds himself to become Deadpool has us suspicious that Marvel actually grew him in a farm alongside the other actors and groomed him to be the perfect meta superhero we all love.

In another move to promote the undoubtedly hilarious Deadpool sequel, Ryan Reynolds has, once again, turned to Twitter with another parody. Remember that amazing letter the Russos wrote telling us all that #ThanosDemandsOurSilence?

Parodied. Only by the best. Deadpool himself.

And, to make things even funnier, the Russos saw this gesture and cheekily responded in their own unique way. While seeing anything even remotely related to Thanos makes me cringe and want to burst into tears, I have to admit that seeing the gauntlet raise up its middle finger earned its own peals of laughter.

Of course, Ryan had to get the last word in. He tweeted a simple “I deserve that.”

Marvel continues to cast flawlessly. God bless you, Marvel. But also we’re still hurting.

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