TerraPlantae PH Will Inspire You to Create Your Own Terrariums

Did you start any new hobbies during the pandemic? While most people have resorted to cooking and baking, Froilan N, Aloro, RN, started Terraplantae PH, a brand dedicated to Filipino terrariums. Froilan shares that it has long been his desire to create a terrarium, but adulting never gave him the chance to actually make one.

That time finally came in July 2020 when the pandemic created opportunities for people stuck at home. Along with the rise of online purchasing, Froilan was able to gather all of the materials that he needed for a terrarium and set out on a new journey.

Misting the Mixed Moss Bed

Photo from Terraplantae PH

Froilan shares that he was inspired by Tanner of SerpaDesign on YouTube and with his instructions on creating terrariums. It wasn’t easy to procure gorgeous moss for terrariums, though. Still, after doing much research and experimenting on different preparations to prolong and preserve the integrity of the moss, TerraPlantae was born.

Moss and Selaginella Tub

Photo from Terraplantae PH

Now, TerraPlantae PH is the leading supplier and innovator in moss preparation and propagation in the Philippines; and the best part is that it has greatly evolved from there since then. Froilan has also started Terrarium Philippines, currently the biggest and most active community dedicated to terrariums in the Philippines, as well as Moss Philippines, which is dedicated to moss enthusiasts. How amazing is that?

Closed Terrarium

Photo from Terraplantae PH

Prior to TerraPlantae PH, Froilan shares that he had already ventured into two breakthrough businesses that had failed. This didn’t stop him from trying again, though. With the skills and experience that he acquired in those previous businesses, he used personal branding and digital marketing as his weapons while researching the local terrarium community.

“I created Terrarium Philippines with the goal of becoming the leader and the biggest local group for
terrariums and other enclosures,” he shares. “I am also a co-admin of Philippine Enclosure Group (formerly Terrarium/Vivariums/Aquariums/Paludariums/Etc) and made it a more general group for enclosures.”

First Batch of Terrariums by TerraPlantae PH

Photo from Terraplantae PH

“I started TerraPlantae PH with the tripartite goal: to be the leader in the terrarium creation sales and products, to be the leading source of information on all things terrarium, and to be the terrarium business of choice.” His passion and dedication are so inspiring!


Photo from Terraplantae PH

Not only did Froilan start making terrariums and creating groups to connect and grow the community, but he also started the moss-in-a-tub with TerraPlantae PH substrate (other preparations only contain piled and pressed mosses on a banana leaf), the fern-in-a-tub (the first of its kind preparation locally), the fern-and-moss-mixture-in-a-tub, the mixed-moss-in-a-tub preparation, and the Wagyu Moss design (moss cubes).

Mossarium with Charcoal and Clay Hardscapes

Photo from Terraplantae PH

TerraPlantae PH is also getting ready to launch its newest preparation: the moss or fern-in-a-slab, which will be an easy-mount moss or fern preparation that will a good starter item for terrarium hobby beginners or newbies. They have already launched their website and a series of merchandise is coming up for the terrarium allies, the clean-up crews such as springtails and isopods.

Thanks to TerraPlantae PH and Terrarium Philippines, the demand for moss, glass, miniature plants, and all other basic materials in terrarium creation has risen in the country. The growth of the group has also brought various enthusiasts together, including aquascapers, paludarium and vivarium artists, invertebrate, reptile, and amphibian hobbyists, and bird and other mammal hobbyists.

Terrarium Supplies Preparation

Photo from Terraplantae PH

Although TerraPlantae PH is not the pioneer in terrarium creation, it is currently the biggest and trusted moss supplier locally and even in some places outside of the Philippines. The brand has also become synonymous with mosses and terrarium supplies and is the leader in helping innovate the terrarium industry locally.

TerraPlantae PH takes much pride in helping create the current high demand for mosses while also ensuring that these mosses are propagated and produced responsibly. “Since terrarium artists create terrariums that are considered as ‘mini forests’, we must be responsible for taking care of the natural forest that we take inspiration from as artists,” Froilan stresses.

Native Open Terrarium

Photo from Terraplantae PH

Through Terrarium Philippines, TerraPlantae PH also actively checks the moss suppliers to ensure that they do not violate ethical and responsible moss harvest. All of the contents of TerraPlantae PH’s platforms talk highly of repurposing, recycling, and reusing materials and items needed for terrariums.

Whether or not you are into terrariums, make sure to follow TerraPlantae PH. You will find yourself in awe of the innovations and improvements in terrariums in the local scene – and who knows? You might just end up immersing yourself in the world yourself.

Vertical Terrarium

Photo from Terraplantae PH

TerraPlantae PH is also open for brand collaborations, NGO partnerships, community mobilization programs such as livelihood programs, and school partnerships for scientific research and projects. TerraPlantae PH’s official website is also openly receiving brands and partners who want their products and services advertised on their website.

TerraPlantae PH

Website: http://www.howtomaketerrarium.com

Facebook: TerraPlantae

Facebook Group: Terrarium Philippines, Moss Philippines, and Philippine Enclosure Group

YouTube Channel: TerraPlantae PH

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