WATCH: Teacher Georcelle Creates New Hand-washing Dance to Sarah G’s ‘Tala’

Forget about the old dance choreography of Sarah Geronimo’s “Tala.” Here’s the new choreo you’ll want to start practicing at home!

Teacher Georcelle of local dance troupe G-Force, the ones who created the viral dance steps of “Tala,” created a new challenge to make handwashing fun for all Pinoys. Inspired by the original moves of the hit song, Teacher Georcelle taught new steps using just the hands with the goal of demonstrating proper handwashing techniques amid the public health crisis.

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“Hello moms and dads! I know you are looking for other ways to help nurture your children’s gifts even when at home. So, here’s a fun #Tala dance to help you,” she wrote in the caption.

If we’re being completely honest, it’s not just kids who will enjoy dancing this Handwashing Version of “Tala.”

Are you learning these steps at home too? Share your videos with us in the comments!

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