Taylor Swift Makes Chinese Food Taste Good, According To Study!

Justin Bieber may have a net worth of $200 million, but he sure can’t make Chinese food taste good.

That is, according to this interesting study on gastrophysics, which basically correlates tasting of food and listening to music, according to Details magazine!

Taylor Swift Bad Blood (1)

The study involved 700 test subjects, who were treated to some delicious Chinese food and were made to listen to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and Justin Bieber’s “Baby”. The study revealed that Taylor Swift’s hit elevated their gastronomical experience, while Justin Bieber “ruined the food”.

Interesting findings!

The study was carried out for Just Eat in Europe. According to University of Oxford behavioural psychologist Charles Spence, music playing in the background can also affect our food experience, aside from the primary senses of taste, smell and vision.

So the next time you’re having Chinese food, set the playlist to Taylor Swift’s 1989!

Thoughts on this? Do you believe in this study?