TAPATAN : “Making a Difference” by AlyansangTapatsaLasallista (TAPAT)


TAPATAN : “Making a Difference” by AlyansangTapatsaLasallista (TAPAT)


AlyansangTapatsaLasallista (TAPAT) continues to evolve into becoming an independent and progressive leading political organization in De La Salle University- Manila. This year, TAPAT celebrates the organization’s biggest event of the year – “ TAPATAN : Making a Difference ”, a national youth leadership congress, this coming December 7, 2013 at Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium, De La Salle University- Manila, from 6:00 AM to 6:00PM.

TAPATAN will be the first of its series. The seminars in the congress will cover the issues that the nation and the different universities are facing focusing on ‘How to make a difference’ and ‘Why make a difference’. These are the same things that the political party has been addressing though its campaign this year. For 2013, the first TAPATAN youth congressis blessed with the presence of outstanding speakers in their respective fields. These people would allow TAPAT to convey the message on why and how can the youth make a difference by sharing their experiences, considerable contributions, how the were able to make a difference and impact to the society. Some of which are as followsMr. Jun Lozada, Red Tani from Filipino Freethinkers, Jeric Pena a multimedia journalist, Jovic Yee from Philippine Daily Inquirer, Meryl Grace Agudelo from I can make a difference Inc, Antonio Ingles an educator,Obed De La Cruz from Kabayanihan foundation etc.

TAPATAN youth congress will be a seminar series for a cause and the ‘Yellow Boat of Hope’ foundation Inc. of Mr. Jay Jaboneta. One with their advocacy“ To do small things in a great way, as little things can make big differences”, the party has chosen this foundation.

YOU TOO CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Be part of this advocacy with us, TAPATAN youth congress is open to allfor only 400php.It is already inclusive of snacks, campus tour and media kits. More information about the seminar can be found on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tapatandlsu or contact Nadine Bernardino, 09176264871 or ndn_bernardino@yahoo.com

Join us as we take the first few steps toward radical change. Together, let us all push the country forward by making a difference.

TAPATAN : “Making a Difference” by AlyansangTapatsaLasallista (TAPAT)