SYNERGY: The Largest Gathering of EEE Minds This Year



The University of the Philippines Engineering Radio Guild, together with the UP Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute, the UP College of Engineering, MERALCO, and E-Gizmo, presents SYNERGY: EEE SUMMIT 2013,  an event specially geared and tailored for students majoring in EEE courses.

The event, now on its second year, is a three-day gathering for the new generation of engineers to deliver and showcase what they have to offer.  SYNERGY aims to be a venue where EEE students from various colleges and universities will assert and realize the importance and relevance of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in the country – and with it, a vision of bringing to reality the theories being taught to them within the halls of the academe.

SYNERGY is composed of four events which will bring out each student’s potential.  These events are Rube Goldberg Machine Design Competition, Synergy Talk, Company Tour and Project Synergy.

Competing schools are required to perform a simple task in the most complicated way possible through a series of chain reactions in the Rube Goldberg Machine Design CompetitionSYNERGY also features a Company Tour, where participants and delegates visit several electrical and electronics engineering companies in order to know first-hand about the company and what it does.  Synergy Talk features distinguished speakers from the academe and the industry who will talk about different career paths they may opt to take and topics such as the latest Filipino engineering innovations and how students can help develop these technologies. 

Finally, the main event of SYNERGY is Project Synergy where the sponsoring company will present an issue that will be solved by EEE teams in a given amount of time with the ultimate goal of helping our society.

SYNERGY: EEE Summit 2013 will be held on September 5, 6, and 7.

We hope to see you there!


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SYNERGY: The Largest Gathering of EEE Minds This Year