Syala Collections: Custom-Size Dresses Made Just For YOU And Other Affordable Fashion!

Who says fashion has to be for 6 foot tall models who wear size 0? While we love to gaze at Victoria’s Secret Angels, this doesn’t mean that girls who don’t fit this particularly body type are any less beautiful. In fact, diversity is what makes humans beautiful!

I myself stand 4’10, with some body parts I wish were bigger and some parts I wish were smaller. I’m definitely nowhere near Victoria’s Secret material, but that doesn’t mean fashion should only be for the Kendall Jenners of the world!

5-Syala 4-001

You have no idea how hard it is to shop at your favorite malls, feet getting sore from all the walking, only to find out that none of the clothes fit you perfectly. Annoying! I have almost always had to go to the tailer to have my pants altered, because they’re usually too long on me.

I’m sure other women and men have their own struggles when it comes to their own body type. People are made in all shapes and sizes, and fashion should be an expression of your beautiful unique self!

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This is what Syala Collections celebrates— they believe that every body is beautiful, and that confidence in ourselves is key to looking fantastic! Because of all these fast-fashion fads, we sometimes think that there’s something wrong with us when none of the sizes fit you perfectly, or certain designs look unflattering on our bodies when that is NOT TRUE at all— it’s just that these mass-produced clothes do not cater to every body frame.


Syala Collections offers S.A.Y.S. or Style At Your Size, where you can get dresses made specifically for YOUR specifications! Custom-size dressing need not be a luxury anymore, as Syala brings them right to you! There’s nothing better than having a great piece of clothing fit you like a glove. If only we could have all of our clothes fitting perfectly on us, regardless of our body frames!

Just send Syala your measurements, and they’ll have your dress done in as fast as 3 days! Not bad waiting time for something that’s made to order!

1-Syala 1-001

Loving this zebra-print dress from Syala, made exactly for my measurements! It’s a perfect balance of playful and proper.

What I love about Syala Collections aside from being able to get dresses for your size, is how fun and vibrant their designs are, really reflecting that expressive nature that fashion is supposed to be all about anyway!

So whether you’re a pear, an apple, a triangle, or any other body shape there is, you can now have the perfect dress thanks to Syala Collections! Definitely getting more of their stuff, for that perfect fit that just screams you, and no one else!

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