Swiss Diplomat Releases Music Album in Filipino, Sings “Anak” in French

Swiss Diplomat Releases Music Album in Filipino, Sings Anak in French

It’s one thing for a foreigner to speak in Filipino, and maybe even cover some songs, but it’s a completely different thing to write original songs and perform them. But that’s what Raoul Imbach did. And did we mention that he’s the head of Mission of the Embassy of Switzerland in the Philippines, and that he covered Freddie Aguilar’s “Anak” in French?

Imbach has been in the Philippines for three years, which inspired him to create the album Tribute to the Philippines with the Wild Tortillas. The album has 13 songs, half of which are in Filipino. There’s also a French version of the hit song “Anak.”

The album has been upload on YouTube and it’s pretty catchy!

Listen to it below:

This version doesn’t have Imbach singing “Anak,” but he uploaded a video on Instagram of him singing the song with Aguilar.

Watch it below:

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