Sun Life Financial Sunshorts: Oh My Goth


I’m not the most superstitious person, in fact, I’m sort of against those types of things. I just never thought that a black cat or a broken mirror could really signify a negative future or outcome for anyone.


To me, it’s always been about my own sweat and tears. I’m a firm believer that my, or your, hard work is what really counts. If you dedicate yourself to doing something and give it your absolute best, then no “unlucky number 13” or anything is going to slow you down!


So when you’re old and grey, it’s not about how unlucky you were in your youth, it’s really going to be about the things you spent time on. Did you invest into staying healthy by going to the gym? Did you invest into a proper nutrition by eating right? And did you invest into a good retirement policy that will protect you when you’re a senior?


An interesting fact I learned is that a recent study by Sun Life states that out of 100 Filipinos, only two shoulder their own expenses when sick, and the rest borrow from their families and from other sources.


When it comes to financial preparedness, we still have a lot to learn.


Check out this video below that pretty much encapsulates my thoughts and what you should prepare for in your own life:



SunShorts: Oh My Goth!


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Sun Life Financial Sunshorts: Oh My Goth


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