Sum 41 Is Disbanding After 27 Years

Canadian pop punk band Sum 41 is officially breaking up after 27 years of bringing music to the world.

The band announced today, May 9, that they are releasing their eighth and final album “Heaven :x: Hell” and going on a worldwide headlining tour before parting ways.

“Being in Sum 41 since 1996 brought us some of the best moments of our lives,” the band’s statement read. “We are forever grateful to our fans both old and new, who have supported us in every way. It is hard to articulate the love and respect we have for all of you and we wanted you to hear this for us first.”

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“Sum 41 will be disbanding,” the band continued. “We will still be finishing all of our current upcoming tour dates this year, and we’re looking forward to releasing our final album ‘Heaven x Hell,’ along with a final worldwide headlining tour to celebrate. Details will be announced as soon as we have them.”

“For now, we look forward to seeing all of you skumfuks on the road and are excited for what the future will bring for each of us. Thank you for the last 27 years of Sum 41.”

Heaven :x: Hell was announced to be a two-part LP mixing their old-school pop-punk sound and the heavier sound they’ve been experimenting with recently. “It’s a double record, and the ‘Heaven’ side is 10 songs and it’s all like our old-school SUM 41 pop-punk sound. New songs that are in the vein of ‘All Killer’ and ‘Does This Look Infected.’ The ‘Hell’ side is another 10 songs that are all in sort of the heavier sort of [direction from] ‘Chuck’ to what we’ve been doing lately, heavier sound. So it’s 20 songs total,” said frontman Deryck Whibley on the “Tuna On Toast With Stryker” podcast.

Read Sum 41’s full statement below:

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Sum 41 grew to fame in the early 2000s with their 2001 debut studio album “All Killer No Filler,” which included their most iconic songs to date “Fat Lip” and “In Too Deep.” They also won multiple music awards through the years such as Rock Album of the Year and Group of the Year at the Juno Awards.

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