Study Reveals the Best Place to Watch the Sunrise and Sunset in the Philippines

There’s something about the day breaking or coming to an end, that offers a quiet moment of reflection, a romantic backdrop, or the perfect photo opportunity. When you think of epic sunrises and sunsets around the world you may automatically think of far-flung places, but sun-chasers in the Philippines should take a closer look at home.

Sunset Waves

Photo by Sebastian Voortman from Pexels  used Tripadvisor to gather data on the best places to watch a sunrise and sunset in every country, including the Philippines. The team analyzed mentions of “sunset” and “sunrise” in Tripadvisor reviews to reveal the world’s most popular vistas:

Best Sunset Best Sunrise

Infographics from

Here are the Philippines’ results:

  • The best place to see the sunrise is in Kiltepan.
  • White Beach is the best sunset spot.

The team also created a global top 10 interactive gallery for both sunrise and sunset to help inspire your next trip.

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