You Can Soon Stay in the World of Totoro at the Studio Ghibli Theme Park in Japan!

If you’ve ever been enamored with the magical worlds made by Studio Ghibli—from Totoro’s forest to the Cat Kingdom—you can now finally live your dream of visiting these worlds at the highly anticipated, soon-to-open Studio Ghibli Theme Park!

The theme park, which has long been promised to Studio Ghibli fans, has finally announced its opening date and released its concept art.

The governor of Aichi Prefecture, where the theme park is set to be located, shared on Twitter a glimpse of what we can expect to see in the reported five main areas.

There will be a replica of the Chikyuya antique shop from Whisper of the Heart in the park’s Seishun no Oka (Youth Hill) Area that will sell actual Studio Ghibli antiques. There will also be a Dondoko Forest from My Neighbor Totoro and villages from Princess Mononoke and Kiki’s Delivery Service, the latter of which you can find a huge replica of the moving castle from Howl’s Moving Castle within.

The final area is the Ghibli Warehouse which will be an indoor facility anyone can enjoy year-round. It will hold special exhibitions, film screenings, and plenty of memorabilia.

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Studio Ghibli Theme Park is set to open in 2022 but will reach 100% completion by 2023.  It will be built on Aichi Commemorative Park near Nagoya.

Looks like we’ll have to wait a little more before we get to see the Studio Ghibli Theme Park come to life! How excited are you for this much-awaited attraction? Tell us in the comments!


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