Street Vendor Father Carries Son Everyday, Collapses from Heat



Heartbreaking photo of this poor man who sells on the street while carrying his young child with him, Cindy posted on her Facebook page. She narrates that this man, most probably due to heat and hunger, collapses on the sidewalk while good samaritans try to help him.
Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.04.29 PM

Rough translation: It breaks my heart. He is Filipino. While he is making a living, he has his son with him. Because of heat and hunger, he collapsed. Any man can be a father but only some know the real responsibility that they have to their children. Father’s love. Money is not enough to be called a father. It’s not through material things wherein we can measure how good of a father you are. It is through your love, attention, support and care towards your children. I salute this father and all the single fathers in the world. You are both father and mother. God bless all of you!



How can you really measure the love of a father? What challenges do they go through? Share your stories!

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