Steve Aoki in Manila 2012: Manila Gets Aokified

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Steve Aoki Aokifies Manila

When in Manila, no legitimate party is ever complete without some awesome Steve Aoki mixes playing in the background. The Asian Jesus has been whipping up the most mind blowing party music for the past decade and a half, outdoing himself with every new release, collaborating with everyone from every genre, and basically being the soundtrack to every memorable party of my (and probably everyone else’s) life. Steve Aoki is as synonymous to an epic party as breathing is to life, so you could only imagine how thrilled I was when Globe Tattoo brought the EDM boss himself to Republiq this year, to throw Manila a sick rage the way only Steve Aoki can.



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From raleencabrera



Steve Aoki undoubtedly threw one of Manila’s wildest rages for 2012, playing his latest tracks and a bunch of party favorites that had everyone going ‘til the wee hours of the morning. It was as close as you could get to Tomorrowland without leaving the country! The party had one of the most power-charged crowds I’ve seen, with energy blazing off the roof from start to finish. Everyone went insane when hits like Steve Jobs, Turbulence, Tornado and his newest track Phat Brams started playing, as well as when crowd faves like Aoki’s remix on Kid Cudi’s Pursuit of Happiness, New Noise and WARP were played. And as everyone expected, the party was nothing short of great: nod-your-head, jump-up-and-down, pump-your-fist, howl-at-the-top-of-your-lungs great.



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Phat Brams from TheEhiacinth



Steve Aoki gives booze showers, throws cake, and crowd sails

And like every Steve Aoki gig, there was a ton of crazy shenanigans that ensued throughout the night. Signature Steve Aoki moves like booze showers and cake flinging were a given, he even took the raft out and went crowd sailing! I love that Aoki is heavily interactive with the crowd when he performs; it gets everyone hyped up even more. It was every bit like the crazy party photos you’d see on Aoki’s Facebook page, I was genuinely ecstatic to have experienced it!



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From Karla Ilacad 



Very few artists can get an audience pumped up like Steve Aoki can. The way the world famous DJ moves the crowd is just mind-boggling; he had so much energy! It wouldn’t matter if you’ve been listening to Steve Aoki’s music a while back or if you’ve only heard his stuff for the first time, the sick beat and everyone’s energy are enough to get you on your feet and enjoy the music. As Aoki mentioned in one of his interviews, “The best thing about music is that people really respond to music, they don’t have to understand the language, there’s just an emotive response.” I believe everyone responded pretty darn well that night!



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Steve Aoki sure delivered on his most recent Manila performance, and I’m positive it won’t be his last! The party-hungry set of Manila were granted a genuinely Aokified experience complete with amazing electro-dance music and intense party vibes. It was the whole package and more! When in Manila, guess you’ll just have to wait until Steve Aoki comes back next time!

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Steve Aoki in Manila 2012: Manila Gets Aokified