Steve Aoki Gets Everyone Caked at The Palace Pool Club! PLUS Our Latest DJ Discovery: Qulinez!


Photo by Richard Tabigue for Globe Tattoo

Steve Aoki returns to our shores a fifth time for another knockout show at the Palace Pool Club last October 16. The veteran DJ/producer/record label founder proves that he hasn’t lost his touch as he commands a jam-packed pool club with his presence, energy and mind-blowing mixes that had the crowd going from start to finish. Aoki played some of his most popular hits from his latest album, Neon Future, as well as favorites from many of his albums through the years.



Photo by Richard Tabigue for Globe Tattoo


Photo by Richard Tabigue for Globe Tattoo


Making it rain at the Pool Club. Photo by Daniel Tan.


The crowd about to get caked. Photo by Daniel Tan.

Aoki show trademarks such as the cake toss and champagne showers were ever-present, as the consecutive DJ Mag top ranker engaged and partied along with everyone, as he has always done during shows. Not much has changed since I’ve last witnessed Aoki perform in Manila about 3 years ago; he continues to succeed at delivering an intense and dynamic set. The only change probably being a crowd much bigger than the walls a cramped club can hold.



Qulinez getting the crowd pumped up. Photo courtesy of The Palace Pool Club.

But my best discovery of the night had to be Swedish import Qulinez, composed of DJ’s Alexander Lager & Johannes Gustafsson, who were handpicked by Steve Aoki himself to open his show here in Manila. Offering a mix of progressive and electro house that’s very easy to listen and dance to, their contagious mixes have been making their rounds on Spotify and have actually reached 20 million plays in over 10 weeks.



Photo by Richard Tabigue for Globe Tattoo

Since starting out back in 2006, the duo were discovered by Swedish House Mafia member Steve Angello, and have since played at various parts of the world including the United States, Canada, Indonesia and around Europe. And while most of their tracks are a distinguished lot of potential club favorites, the duo claims to simply “try different styles [of music] and test out different things” and release what they believe is new and credible.



The boys at the Pool Club prepping for their show

I got to check out their playlist on my way to the Pool Club and each track was an instant favorite; their unique yet accessible style of music definitely justifies why they’ve also been chosen by Steve Aoki to play at Tomorrowland for two years in a row. And it seems that the crowd loved their set at the Pool Club just as well that night! It was a great way to get the crowd worked up for the main event, and was definitely a smashing set on its own. Hope to see them in Manila again soon!



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