Start The New Year With A BAG!

When in Manila and its a few days before Christmas, and you still haven’t done your Christmas shopping – the best thing to give is something that almost everybody loves – COFFEE!!!

I’m a coffee addict and I can’t start a day without having a dose of one – from instant 3-in-1’s to Starbucks to cat poo (Alamid) but the best so far, quality for money, everyday kicks – I get from the organically grown ones.  I’ve joined the health-wagon and found out about  Brown Bag Coffee.

First, when you get a pack, it could look as gorgeous as this one :

Perfect way to start any coffee experience is with the packaging.  You know that you’re getting quality all-natural stuff here.  You get the whole family of Arabica & Robusta – that’s why it’s labeled 0,1,2,3 – indicating the strength.  Find your coffee personality here :

0 – is 100% Decaf Arabica which is calm, low-key and relaxed.

1- is 100% Arabica, goes a notch stronger – which is bold, smooth and reserved.

2 – is Arabica + Robusta which is well-rounded, friendly and balanced.

3 – is 100% Robusta which is wired, loud and rebellious.


If you’re wondering what Arabica is all about – it’s mountain coffee and is said to produce better coffee than the other major commercially grown coffee species. Robusta produces a strong, full-bodied coffee with a distinctive earthy flavour, but usually with more bitterness than arabica.  


Spread the Love!  Because great things are meant to be shared, all of their coffee variants are available in stylish gift packs, dolled up, tagged and ready to go!  Now, the only hard part is making your list!


There’s solo packs all up to the whole nine yards with prices ranging from P210 up to P2,000.  And if you’re getting married, you won’t go wrong with giving this away to your sponsors or special titos and titas.



If you’re the business-minded type, the party-goer or just someone who wants to spice up any place – Brown Bag Coffee offers packages for your office, restaurant, bar, or event.  Discover how their range of capex-free, hassle-free coffee packages coupled with their wide array of coffee and tea-based concoctions and Make-You-Smile service can make 2013 even more special!


Right now I’m writing this blog while sipping a cup I made on the coffee-press included in the package and its just perfect.  Now I’m ready to shoot my next wedding!


Welcome the season & the new year with fresh hand-crafted coffees.  After all, the holidays are too special to settle for anything less than great coffee!


When In Manila, if you’re looking forward to a great year … it’s in the BAG!





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