SPORTS: Olympic Medalist Hidilyn Diaz Gets House on Street Named After Her

Being the only Olympic medalist since 1996, Hidilyn Diaz has enjoyed the honor and rewards that came from all her hard work.

One reward she received previously was free flights from AirAsia. As a silver medalist, AirAsia awarded her with five years worth of free trips.

Recently, another fruit of her hard work is her new house and lot from Deca Homes 8990 Holdings. The house is located on a street named after her.

She just got the keys to her new house according to a post on PTV Sports.


Here’s a quick inside Diaz’s new house.

hidilyn-diaz-new-house-2 hidilyn-diaz-new-house-3 hidilyn-diaz-new-house-4 hidilyn-diaz-new-house-5

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