Sports Activities with Social Distancing May be Allowed During the General Community Quarantine

With the new General Community Quarantine (GCQ) already implemented in several areas in the Philippines, the Philippine government is now looking into possibly allowing sports activities again. Interior Secretary Eduardo Año clarifies that this would only include sports that observe physical distancing, though, such as tennis and badminton. He says that this will be next in line in their discussions about the GCQ.

Año points out the importance of exercise in our lives. “Even the Department of Health has advised that exercise is important in helping reduce the risk of COVID-19,” he says.

Metro Manila is currently still following the guidelines of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), but this is set to end this May 15, 2020. Any mass gatherings related to sports are also restricted during this time, including training, tournaments, championships, and games.

Do you think sports-related activities should be allowed soon?

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