SPEDminar: Growth


The University of the Philippines Special Education Council (UP SEC) is an active organization based in the UP College of Education promoting Special Education in the college, university and the greater public. Through the years, UP SEC has been working towards establishing an organization that shall exemplify genuine concern for children in general and special learners in particular. UP SEC commits itself to forming a community that shall foster equality by providing opportunities to all individuals.

In line with the advocacy of the organization to bring awareness and information dissemination to the public of what special education is, UP SEC presents SPEDminar: Growth, a series of free seminars which highlights the current trends and developments in the field of Special Education which will be conducted on July 6, 13, 20, and 27 at the UP College of Education Benitez Theatre.

Special Education, just like other fields of expertise, is never stagnant. Throughout the years, there are changes and developments on the practices, beliefs, and principles in the said field. To address the need to inform the general public, especially the teachers, parents, and other SPED-related professionals, UP SEC invited esteemed education professors, SPED experts, and educators to discuss the changing perspectives in SPED.

For the four Saturdays of July, these speakers will be presenting lectures on various issues and concerns in SPED. For the first Saturday, the topics include awareness of what SPED is and an extensive discussion of inclusive education. The second and third Saturdays are allotted in tackling the different technologies used by SPED practitioners to teach students with special needs and how media (through television shows) portray or, at the very least, accommodate people with disabilities (PWDs), and the therapies dominantly used to accommodate SPED professionals in managing behavioral issues of these kids and nutritional concerns of PWDs, especially that of children with autism, respectively. The last Saturday is designated for the discussion of transition programs for PWDs for their growth as an individual member of a larger community. 


SPEDminar: Growth

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