Sooo Pinoy Food Tour: Cold Desserts Nathaniel’s Buko Pandan and Kabigting’s Halo Halo

When In Manila temperatures tend to rise up to 33 degrees celcius, great thing we got a Sooo Pinoy way to beat the heat. We Filipinos love cold treats, the buko pandan and the halo-halo are some of the most sought after. Now we tour Quezon City for some of the well known food places that offers these desserts.


IMG 7814 IMG 7831


Nathaniel’s is a famous pasalubong shop, they offer a lot of different Filipino sweets (kakanins) but what they really are famous for is their buko pandan. We were offered a few tubs of their delicious buko pandan tasting. I must say that it is crazy delicious, it is not cheap though since it costs 450 pesos a gallon. All in all if you want to satisfy your buko pandan cravings, check out Nathaniel’s.


IMG 7806 IMG 7822


Next up! Halo-halo from Kabigting’s. Their halo halo is different since it has a Kapampangan origin, how is it different you say? Well, it only has three main ingredients. Pastillas, sweet corn and beans, although there are only three ingredients the halo-halo actually taste good, on top of that they use carabao’s milk. 60 a glass is quite a reasonable price to try this unique halo-halo.


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So next time When In Manila, don’t forget to check out Nathaniels buko pandan and Kabigting’s halo-halo, for some cool desserts to beat the heat.