Sony VAIO launched its newest series and it is ready for the Philippine market

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Sony Philippines launched its newest line up for the Sony VAIO laptops which are the Sony VAIO E series, Sony VAIO S series, and Sony VAIO T series.  All of these laptops models were carefully cherry picked by Sony Philippines to cater to the demands of the local market.


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The Sony VAIO E series cater to consumers who wishes affordability and performance for every day computing. The Sony VAIO S series on the other hand is for those who needs the perfect balance of performance and mobility (e.g. businessmen). The Sony VAIO T series focuses on Ultra-mobility, for people who are always on the go.

sony vaio series e11 14Sony VAIO E series 11 and 14

The new Sony VAIO E series have a new design and now comes in 2 different screen sizes.  According to the designers, the new look was inspired from the wrapping of things and folded them – clean and neat. It comes in three colors – White on Black, Pink on White and Black on Black.  I like how the new models looked because it gave the gadget its own unique personality.  Users have the option to choose between an 11 and 14 inch screen for a more satisfactory use.

Sony vaio S15 wheninmanilaSony VAIO S Series (silver or black)

The Sony VAIO S series gave importance to the business oriented users.  These type of people are usually the ones  on the go but they demand performance and battery life.  One solution that you can find in this unit  is the Dynamic Hybrid Graphics System that uses two graphics processors to best suit the application being run.  This technology switches seamlessly from “speed mode” for faster performance to “stamina mode” for an even lounger battery life.  The computer can last for 6 hours of battery life on a full charge; however, an optional extended battery is also available to extend the battery life to a maximum of 12 hours.

Sony Vaio series T13 Front Back S wheninmanilaSony VAIO T Series


Before, when you want a sleek notebook computer you will lack functionality, when you want more functionality the computer gets big and bulky. The “Ultrabooks” are the fad right now because it is thin and lightweight but has the same lack of functionality. The Sony VAIO T is Sony’s version of it but as you would notice it is not as thin and sleek as other “Ultrabook” competitions. According to their study, most “Ultrabook” users revert back to the conventional laptops because they get frustrated from the lack of ports. This is the reason why Sony decided to keep their VAIO T Series this way because they didn’t want to sacrifice functionality over beauty.  It is still sleek and lightweight plus the necessary ports are there.


The Sony VAIO T is  also loaded with the newest technology like the Intel Smart Response Technology. This uses a hybrid drive composed of a HDD and SSD (solid-state drive) that provides significantly faster data retrieval than with an HDD alone. The SSD is used as cache memory, and because it can be accessed much faster than the HDD, data can be read at higher speeds This shortens the boot time and reduces the time required to load the applications which you use most. This technology realizes both faster operation and high capacity storage. Unlike other Ultrabooks, another interesting feature the VAIO T Series has to offer is that components such as RAM and HDD can be upgraded without requiring professional help. Changing your batteries is also possible without any hassles.


Here are some of the newest built in features for the new VAIO’s

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1. Customers will enjoy the generously-sized multi gesture touchpad with large clickable button-free control surface.

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2. Sony VAIO’s newest series provide effortlessly clear, crisp sound with Sony’s “xLOUD” and “Clear Phase” technologies. These also have a built-in HD web camera powered by “Exmor for PC” to give clearer and sharper video chat images.


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3. With its “Rapid Wake + Eco” technology, there is no need to shut down anymore. It resumes instantly from sleep mode letting you go back to where you left off in less than two seconds. Simply close the lid and it engages its new sleep mode which uses much less battery power, extending your battery life.


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4. USB charging of other devices at any time. The USB charging feature allows you to rapidly recharge other devices from your notebook. Simply connect the device you want to recharge to the USB charging port. You can charge a device even when the notebook is turned off or is in Sleep mode and not connected to the AC mains. This feature is particularly useful if your smartphone or portable audio player suddenly runs out of battery power and you do not have easy access to a mains power outlet.


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5. Gesture Control lets you interact with the computer through hand movements in front of the web camera to flick through web pages or photo galleries, pause a slideshow or music playback, or adjust music volume.


The Sony VAIO Series E, S, T are the company’s answer to the current demand of its local consumers. From the newest designs to the newest technology, I am sure there is a right Sony VAIO for everyone.

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For more information about the newest Sony VAIO series please visit Sony Philippines



Sony VAIO launched its newest series and it is ready for the Philippine market