SMART Tickets & Treats via bCode: The SMART Move to Enjoy your SM Cinema Experience

When In Manila, every Filipino has the penchant to watch movies on the big screen. Talk of the town flicks can easily induce a person to head over to his favourite mall and watch the movie with his very own eyes. However, not everyone do this anymore. They sometimes opt for pirated DVDs and enjoy the movie shown on a claustrophobic box. C’mon, seriously? Well, they say they want to avoid all sorts of traffic, long queues just to purchase movie tickets, even getting a hotdog sandwhich or nachos from movie snack kiosks is not worth queueing for. If you are a SMART Gold, Smart Buddy, and Smart Bro users, you are one lucky being. SMART Rewards can be acquired through the FREE SMS, SMART Load or Rebates, and they now offers you a congenial way to enjoy your movie experience.





SMART  Telco has joined league with SM Cinemas to allow Smart Rewards users to redeem free movie tickets and treats via the newest innovation called “SMART BCODE”. SMART didn’t have this company rewards program for nothing. It allows you to score amazing movie deals delivered in high-tech fashion, offering free movie tickets and treats by being their Smart Gold, Smart Buddy, and Smart Bro subscribers.


Time to do some road test of this cutting edge BCODE technology according to SMART. The Tagalog film “No Other Woman” almost beat typhoon Ramon in terms of publicity a few weeks ago. The hype of it didn’t really swayed me into watching it.  Only then I found out that SMART has this newest rewards promo I was so itching to try, the film’s A rating from the Cinema Evaluation Board was the nail on the coffin.  


As a qualified SMART mobile subscriber, I can claim free tickets plus popcorn or drinks whenever I want to watch at any SM Cinemas anywhere in the country. How to do this? Let me guide you in the simplest way I can:


How to REGISTER for the SMART Ticket & Treats? 


In order to avail the points, the subscriber must be registered to Smart Rewards, registrations is for free, just text REWARDS to 9800. Once the registration is done, we can then proceed redeeming!


Smart Rewards users have to do is text POINTS to 9800.



To check the SMART Rewards items, text REWARDS to 9800


To Redeem your free items, text REDEEM <item> to 9800 (ex. REDEEM FREE DRINK)



What is BCODE?


A BCODE will then be sent to the subscriber via SMS. You simply need to scan this code (as seen on the photo above) at the BCODE terminal located at the lobby of any SM Cinema anywhere in the country. All  BCODE, usually in alphanumeric format (i.e. JW939, NBOA4, etc.), will then be sent to the subscriber via SMS. Do note that every BCODE is unique. When you receive the BCODE do not assume it’s a garbled message. Remember that it’s an alphanumeric code which is a combination of numbers, letters, signs and sometimes icons. The machine can read the BCODE from ANY kind of mobile phone, so you don’t have to worry! Lastly, every BCODE that you redeem is unique. So if you forward this to a friend, only one of you can use it.


How do I receive the BCODE?


To receive a BCODE, you need to redeem the item in exchange for your points. Every item has an equivalent number of points. If you have sufficient points to redeem the item, all you have to do is to text REDEEM <item code> and send to 9800 for free. 




Scan the BCODE with your mobile phone facing down on the red light portion of the machine.


The machine will now read your BCODE and prompt you to input (type) the confirmation on the display screen, then press OK to print your coupon.



You can now use your coupon/s to claim your free popcorn, free drinks and free movie pass. The users just have to wait for the coupon to be dispensed and exchange this coupon for complimentary treats of their choice. 



*The coupon is only applicable for plain/regular flavoured popcorn; you need to add Php 10 to upgrade to cheese flavoured ones. I also paid Php 4.00 ( for 2 movie passes) when claiming it, err some sort of tax perhaps?  After filling out some info details, you may claim your other treats, like drinks and popcorn. 



So there. There were only a few minor glitches encountered such as one particular machine was having delayed reading of my BCODE. But over-all, it was a total smooth experience. Can say that that BCode technology was impressive, I am not even finished typing the rest of my BCODE and the coupon started printing already. They used unique codes and that’s a clever thing to execute. Yes, who doesn’t love the logic of things being hassle free When In Manila! The technology behind this innovation is worth keeping!




The BCODE machine was easy peasy to use, and did I say fast?! YES. Truly hassle free. I was able to take joy in watching “No Other Woman” with a SMART SMILE on my face. Keep using your SMART accounts to accumulate more points and rewards. 



For the complete movie experience, you can also redeem free drinks or popcorn just by presenting the coupons at the snack bar. Text REWARDS to 9800 for FREE to start redeeming exclusive silver screen treats! 


To know more about SMART Rewards and SM Cinema’s TICKETS AND TREATS, visit


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