Show Your Love With Letters, Cookies, and Flowers from Drafts Gift Shop

Still not sure about the best gift to give your significant other? You already know that they deserve the best. What could be better than something heartfelt and timeless? Sometimes, you just need to go back to the basics: heartfelt letters, delicious treats (the way to someone’s heart is through the stomach!), and flowers.

With Drafts, a dainty vintage gift shop you can find online, you can have all these in one package!

drafts 07204

Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

Drafts offers real miniature flowers and bouquets, handmade cards and typewritten letters, and freshly-baked pastries — the perfect gift for every occasion.

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To make their packages as personal as possible, they ask for letters from their clients and type them up on a vintage typewriter. Nothing like the timelessness of a good old fashioned letter! Their miniature flower bouquets are also fashioned by real florists, making each one so beautiful and unique.

drafts 07222

Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

And, of course, what’s a Valentine’s Day gift without something sweet? Thanks to the cookies that Drafts also offers, you won’t have to go through a number of stores just to get a complete gift package. Their cookies are insanely good!

To top it all off, they even add some fairy lights to make the whole package sparkle. Upon request, they can also add some accessories like necklaces or earrings.

drafts 07217

Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

While everything around us gets worse, we believe giving and receiving typewritten love letters (with matching mini bouquets) spreads positivity, hope, and love,” shares the Drafts team, “This is what we need right now: to uplift one another through these trying times. To remind ourselves and our loved ones that despite the challenges we’re facing, we can count on one another.”

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Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

To make sure that anyone can access such thoughtful gifts, they also make their products affordable. You can get a flower card for as low as PHP 300—because you don’t need to burn a hole through your wallet just tell someone how much you love them.