Shopkins Cutie Cars: Roadtrips Have Never Been This Fun

Are you ready for the cutest cars to hit the toy road? Moose, the makers of Shopkins, has just launched Cutie Cars! Put your seatbelt on and get ready for an exciting adventure in the world of Shopkins. If you think collecting Shopkins was fun, try collecting equally cute cars that you can pit against each other.

So far, you can collect more than 35 designs! Start with a Cutie Cars Die-Cast, a 3-pack set or just get your own Drive-Thru Diner playset right away. Better yet get yourself all of them and build your own Shopville world – cuter than ever with Cutie Cars!

Shopkins Cutie Cars

Each Cutie Cars die-cast toy comes with its very own Shopkins and includes the car details: the name, model, features and even its likes and dislikes! Make sure to check out the Collectors’ Guide to know the rest of the Cutie Cars designs that you can collect, including the Limited Edition Fashion Cutie Cars. Level up the fun by getting the 3-pack Cutie Cars, which come in several collections.

Shopkins Cutie Cars 1

Make sure to get the Drive Thru Diner Playset, as well, which includes a Sky Deck, Ride-Up Elevator, and Parking Bay. This will definitely complete your Cutie Cars experience.
Shopkins Cutie Cars 2

Cutie Cars toys are exclusively distributed by Europlay Distributors Company and are available at all leading toy stores nationwide.

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