Selfie is Word of the Year

When in Manila and you’re bored, you must have taken at least one selfie with your smartphone or tablet. Social networking sites feed you with dozens of selfies a day. A selfie at a new place, a selfie with good food you are having for lunch, a selfie for the sake of having selfie, what have you! But did you know “selfie” is Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year?

Beating out binge-watch, showrooming and Miley Cyrus’ twerk, selfie was chosen as 2013’s top buzzword after it gained a 17,000% rise in usage throughout the English-speaking world from a year ago.

Although the selfie only gained in popularity fairly recently, Oxford researchers found out that the word was first used in an Australian online forum in 2002.

Just this August, “selfie” was added to the Oxford dictionary.

When in Manila, join the bandwagon and use 2013’s word of the year. Even the Pope has one! Take a selfie today!

‘Selfie’ is Word of the Year

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