Selena Gomez drops “Bad Liar” music video

Selena Gomez is back with a new music video!

selena gomez bad liar

After dropping her new single “Bad Liar” at the end of May, the pop star went back to her acting roots by taking on a 70s-inspired theme for her music video, where she acts out four characters at once.

It’s a great departure from Selena’s previous glamorous videos, and this one, in particular, feels like a scene out of an indie movie. The video is helmed by former Girls director Jesse Peretz.

The video-slash-minifilm is a little under four minutes, with Sel playing the roles of four different characters and their accompanying wigs: a high school student, a gym teacher, the student’s mother, and the principal or high school teacher who is also the student’s father or step-dad.

At first, we’re led to believe that the music video centers on the dad’s possible infidelity, after the student keeps a close eye on her teacher-dad, who flirts with a Farrah Fawcett-esque gym teacher. The student comes home where she witnesses a tense dinner between her dad and her mother. The real plot twist though, is when the student is alone in her room, she’s seen dancing before lying on her bed and taking out a Polaroid photo from her pillow… of the gym teacher.

See it to believe it, folks. On the other hand, we’ve missed the Selena sans makeup and sexy outfits, and this is giving us some serious Wizards of Waverly Place and Monte Carlo flashbacks.

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