SBRDC Star Recital 2017: The Box of Amalgams and the Colors of Reality

By Nicole Mananquil

We might wake up to only one sun and rest our tired bodies under the same star-studded sky, but we all have different mornings and nights. We each have our own chest of treasures, as well as a fair share of moments we’d like to leave behind. And all of these experiences, whether good or bad, light or dark, are all that make us who we are and keep us alive.

Self-discovery is no easy feat, nor is the road to achieving it. A product of this year’s STAR Workshop, Saint Benilde Romançon Dance Company takes you on a shotgun ride to the flawed but fulfilling journey of getting to know oneself.

The Box of Amalgams and the Colors of Reality tells a tale that’s no stranger to anyone who has walked this earth. With the concept of self-discovery explained through various mixes of red, yellow, and blue, challenge your perspective on what it really means to know oneself, and what it takes to become the combination of it all––white.

Allow the character to walk you through his process of self-discovery, and hopefully get a grasp on yours. Catch the show on October 5th at 1pm and 7pm, at the SDA Theater. Tickets will be released on Thursday.

For more information, contact:

Shannaen De Leon



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