Samuel L. Jackson Responds To Graphics Mistake On Spider-Man Posters

A Reddit thread recently brought attention to what seems like a careless mistake on a set of Spider-Man: Far From Home posters. A photo showing a couple of posters both featuring Nick Fury put on focus one glaring difference between the two: the eyepatches were placed on different eyes in each. The posters were seen in an MRT station in Singapore.

spiderman poster mistake

Image from TheBois24 on Reddit

The thread captioned the photo: “So which eye did he injure?”. Others joked that perhaps the team in charge of editing the photos were overworked and didn’t realize the mistake. One mentioned how the movie should play on this joke and constantly switch his eyepatch from eye to eye.

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As viral as the thread became, it was no surprise that the mistake reached Samuel L. Jackon himself. He posted a screenshot of the thread on his Instagram account with a caption matching his usual explicit manner:

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The mistake in the posters was most likely due to the images of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury simply being mirrored in order to maximize its use.

This is what caused the eyepatch to flip from one side to the other.

What was your first reaction to seeing the mistake?