Samgyupan: The First Filipino-Korean Samgyupsal Fusion in the South!

Written by April Fojas

Photographed by Fudge Santos

Just when you thought Samgyupsal couldn’t get any better, Samgyupan changes the game and brings you something you think would have come around sooner: A Filipino and Korean BBQ fusion. And trust me, you’re going to love it!

The Philippines loves to explore different cuisines and for the past year, KBBQ has been one of the hottest food trends in the country. You’d think someone would’ve thought to fuse Filipino food and KBBQ sooner. I’d like to think that grilling has become a part of our culture. During get-togethers, ihaw is one of our go-to’s, which is probably why Samgyupsal restaurants have become such a bonding place for us Filipinos as well. Cause honestly, what brings people together more than our love for food?

From top to bottom: Chicken Inasal, Kare Kare Beef Samgyup, and Bulgogi


From top left, clockwise: Kamote Q, Fish Cake, Kimchi, Chicken Skin, Tokwa’t Baboy, Jaepchae, and Mungbean Salad


From top to bottom: Sizzling Bulalo, Pinoy Pork BBQ, and Salmon Belly

Here in Samgyupan, everything from the sides all the way to the varieties of meat that they serve pays homage to Filipino favorites such as their Pusit Bulgogi, Salmon Belly, their Sizzling Bulalo that includes bone marrow (putok batok, guys, for real!), and my personal favorite Kare Kare Beef Samgyup that will leave you craving for more!

They’ve also got more classic options such as Chicken Inasal, Inihaw na Liempo, Pinoy Pork BBQ and of course! Our Korean favorites as well! Classic Bulgogi, Samgyupsal, Woo Samgyup, and many more! They’ve got 16 varieties of meat all-in-all! And aside from the usual gochujang and sesame oil sauces to pair with your dishes, they even have atsuete sauce, suka, and toyo. So no matter what the dish is you’ve got all that you need to enjoy it.

Pusit Bulgogi

Salmon Belly

Salmon Belly

Kare Kare Beef Samgyup

Chicken Inasal

Pinoy Pork BBQ

And yes, I know, the meats are the main star of the show, but you have got to check out their sides too because they’re just as good! They’ve got Fish Cake, Tokwa’t Baboy, Chicken Skin, Kimchi Sinigang, Bulalo Soup, Japchae, and Kamote Q! (Aren’t the tiny kalderos a cute touch.) The best part? You can enjoy all of these: unlimited!

Tokwa’t Baboy

Chicken Skin

Kamote Q

Just take a look at all these dishes, it’s got my mouth watering all over again. Their unli promo starts at a base price of Php349, making it one of the most affordable Samgyupsals out there. And for the quality of the meat, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. It’s honestly such a great concept. The taste? Even better. It’s definitely something you should try if you want something different, and it’ll leave you craving for more. Oh and I almost forgot to mention, they’ve got unli milk tea too!


Looking forward to your next Samgyupsal get-together? You should definitely try Samgyupan next! Visit them at: 

Address: #90 Doña Solidad Ave., Betterliving, Parañaque City

Hours: 11:00am – 2:00am

Contact No.: 0917 563 9488

Facebook: Samgyupan Unli Filipino & Korean BBQ


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