Ryan Reynolds’ hilarious tweet has Deadpool’s Avengers application denied!

All of us are still recovering from Infinity War, myself included. And, as I have been looking for strength to stand up and stop thinking about the events that transpired in said movie, only memes and funny cast interviews have helped me coast along.

Ryan Reynolds doesn’t fail to deliver. Never fails, really. I think I may be in love (but that’s a discussion for another time).

In a touching display of support, Reynolds turned to Twitter to congratulate Avengers. But, upon closer inspection (which just means right-clicking to open the image in a new tab so I can read what’s on the letter), his tweet shows a hilarious reply from the one and only Tony Stark denying his Avengers application.

A much-needed moment of levity amongst the turmoil in my heart because of the Avengers. All will be well. I hope. Thank you, Ryan Reynolds. You were made to be Deadpool.

Here’s the full letter:

04Deadpool letter to Avengers

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