Ride N’ Seek Comes to Manila, Ends the Season in Butuan City

When I found out that Jaime Dempsey and her crew from History Channel‘s show Ride N’ Seek was considering coming to Butuan for their last episode for the upcoming 4th Season, I was ecstatic. Not too long ago I saw their commercial on History Channel and thought how great it would be if we could showcase the beauty of Butuan and the Caraga region through her show. Few months later, by some miracle, I find myself (along with my husband) preparing a week-long itinerary for the crew who were set to arrive in Butuan at the end of May.



Jaime Dempsey exploring Agusan Marsh


See, when people ask me “What is there to do in Butuan?” I get excited and share with them what I have seen here so far. From the unexplored mountains, to the beautiful hidden sanctuaries to the varied hues of blue waters in different hot/cold springs, rivers and  beaches. I could always go on and on about things to do and see in Butuan and the rest of this region in the North Eastern tip of Mindanao. And a few months from now, thanks to History Channel’s Ride N’ Seek host Jaime Dempsey, the show might even give more people an idea of what the answer to that question would be and see why I continuously fall for this place that many people are unfamiliar with.



Jaime Dempsey and the Ride N’ Seek crew in Delta Discovery Park getting ready to get on the longest zip-line in Asia


To visit Butuan or the Caraga Region is not often on a person’s travel bucket list, and since moving here two years ago, it’s something I don’t really mind. I like the mix of rural and urban in this quiet city and I like how there are still many beautiful spots here that are not packed with tourists and visitors. But of course, it is also nice to share the beauty that we have seen here with families, friends and new visitors. As someone who grew up in Manila but now living in Butuan, my hope is that we would be able to promote tourism in our region without compromising the natural beauty that you see here. It saddens me to see how other beautiful places in the Philippines have been exploited and overpopulated just over the decade and I would hate to see that happen here as well.


Jaime Dempsey and the crew getting ready to plant trees to support Almont Inland Resort’s “Go Green Project” as well as contributing the City Mayor’s Vision 2020 of once again making Butuan the Timber City of the South. Oh! And did you know that to help combat Co2 emissions, each person should plant 20 trees in their lifetime? This is one way to start fulfilling that!history-channel-ride-n-seek-philippines-with-Jaime-Dempsey-Mindanao-Butuan


Hopefully Jaime Demspey‘s love for nature, tradition and culture, can inspire more Filipinos to take care of what we’ve got. I mean if she can see the value and beauty in each of the places she has seen here in our country, I don’t see why we can’t either.



 Jaime just at the end of her zip-line adventure!

Ride N’ Seeks Butuan itinerary was a mix of activities that showed her what it was like to live as a local. From visiting historical places, to meeting local tribes, to walking the streets of the city, to just sharing a nice dinner with friends and of course, to even capping the night off at a local Family Videoke Bar. Oftentimes, when I travel, I believe it is always best to see it through the eyes of a local and during Jaime’s visit, this was exactly what we wanted for her too. We simply brought her to some of the places that we have explored and enjoyed and we did this without even letting anybody know (except the crew of course) what her itinerary would be, that way we were able to avoid crowds and allow Jaime to discover our city just as any other tourist would. Of course every now and then people would still recognize her and come up to her but she didn’t mind any of it at all.



The Manobo Tribes sharing their traditions with the Ride N’ Seek team

One of the things that impressed me about Jaime is that she really did ride her bike from point A to B and I saw how much she really enjoyed it! Plus she was absolutely game for anything and if you hear their stories, it seems the whole Philippines season will be action packed too! In the Butuan Episode for example, you will see Jaime take on the longest zipline in Asia which is 1.3 kilometers long! She also explores parts of the Agusan Marsh in the hopes of finding crocodiles! Will she find one? Well, like everyone else, we’ll just have to wait till the airing of the show!




Jaime about to explore some parts of Agusan del Sur


Jaime Checking out souvenirs at Madyaw Kadyaw, a local souvenir shop


Jaime and the crew enjoying coffee and desserts at Margie’s Cafe


One thing is for sure, our week was packed with activities and there’s definitely a lot to look forward to not only for the Butuan episode but for the entire 4th Season of Ride N’ Seek. Jaime and her crew obviously love what they do and after traveling from Luzon to Mindanao in a little over a month, you would think that Butuan being their last leg, they would have no more energy to spare. I was so happy to see that till our very last day Jaime and her crew had such high spirits just going from one place to another that I guarantee you guys, Ride N’ Seek season 4 will be a series we will absolutely enjoy. So if you haven’t explored the Philippines just yet, I think after seeing the whole season, you’ll have plenty of reasons to do so!



Jaime and the crew filming in the middle of a forest





**The history channel team had such an amazing time here and I really couldn’t have done it without my husband AND without the sponsors whom we asked help from — friends from the private sector as well as the local government – People who played such an important role in making the History Channel crew fall in love with Butuan and some parts of Agusan del Sur and del Norte. Comments such as “That was best meal I’ve had this season.” or “I now understand why you love it here'” or “we will definitely come back soon,” are comments that made our hearts full. It is turuly an honor to be able to share the beauty of our own backyard and we truly hope it encourages others to explore their own cities. Butuan and the rest of Caraga Region is absolutley amazing, may we continue to explore it with newfound friends, families and visitors!

Special Shoutout to everyone who helped make this happen!

Almont Inland Hotel and Resort
Big Daddy’s Hotel and Convention Center
Calo Horse Farm
Margies Bakeshop
Roadtrip Cafe
Mayor Ferdinand “Jun” Amante (whom we had no idea personally endorsed us to make sure the tourism office would help us…Thank you! What a way to say good-bye to your office, by leaving a legacy through this show!)
Cafe Caliente
Butuan Tourism Office
Cabadbaran Tourism Office
Grand Royal Spa Butuan
Wat Ever Family KTV Butuan
Talacogon City Mayor Jesryl Macendo (who also helped us at the last minute! We are so grateful to you!)
ACLC Butuan


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