‘Refuse’: A Sustainable Zero-Waste Store in the South is Now Open!


It’s no longer shocking that our planet is in need of as much help as it can get due to the several problems nature is facing at this very moment. Air, water, land and now, growing at a fast-pace, plastic pollution has become an ongoing difficult battle that especially a third world country like ours is tackling with minimal priority when we should be being more mindful of the way we consume and the way we dispense our waste.

It’s a good thing that a new store has popped up in the south and it’s called “Refuse” which basically means to refuse to contribute to waste when you already have better sustainable alternatives.


There are many items to choose from in the store whether it’s refilling essential oils, soaps or even laundry detergent. Other than those mentioned, there are several important items you can buy from Refuse so that you have the option on creating a difference to the state of our planet:

7. Reusable Cotton Pads

Cotton balls are far from zero-waste. It’s used daily for medical purposes and daily for a lot of skin care routines. Pretty much after using one cotton ball, it goes straight to the trash can. Makeup wipes are even worse as it’s only for single-use and the purpose is getting all the gunk and formula that ends up piling up in landfills or the sea.

Your most sustainable option for your skin care routine is reusable cotton pads. Firstly, it’s 100% reusable even after you clean it. Second, you don’t really need to throw one right away like you would do so for a cotton ball or makeup wipe. Most importantly, as these are very durable you can use these more than 100 times after washing. Can your cotton balls do that?

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6. Beeswax Wraps

This has been one of the eco-warriors favorite alternative items, including mine. As a replacement for plastic wraps, why not use a reusable beeswax rap instead? You can keep your items fresh just the same without wasting plastic so much at the same time.

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5. Washable Menstrual Pad and Menstrual Cup

The benefits of these two are incredible and definitely items we should invest in. Aside from having to experience menstruation, females must also endure what comes with it like PMS or dysmenorrhea, and to add to those issues, menstrual pads are quite pricey. Investing in a menstrual cup or pad will reduce the cost of buying a lot of supplies per month.

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4. Metal Straws, Bamboo Straws, and other Reusable Cutlery

It’s no secret that success is booming using just one straw instead of having to sip on a plastic one for less than an hour. It’s also taken a toll in society to see some sea creatures like the famous video of the turtle suffering from such a small utensil. Taking part in just reusing these will definitely create an impact rather than using a straw you don’t really need when drinking.

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3. Bamboo Toothbrush

Apparently, research says that there is quite a large amount of petroleum energy for processing, which as you would conclude is harmful. In comparison, using a bamboo toothbrush is also said to be anti-microbial. Where it ensures that bacteria growth is lessened. Isn’t that so much good things for just a bamboo toothbrush?

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2. Collapsing Tumbler

If you dislike having to bring around a heavy tumbler like me, then this is the perfect to-go cup for you. People often bring their tumblers with content, but the smart thing to do is give one to the cafe or store so they will put your drink here instead of a to-go plastic cup!

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1. Collapsing Food Container or Lunch Box

If you’re the type of person who wants to bring your food with you so that you can save money, but you don’t really have space in your bag, then you can always opt to go for a collapsible lunchbox. Also, most of the time, I take out my food since I have leftovers. I usually just get the standard whatever-is-given package from the restaurant and I feel guilty whenever it’s in a plastic bag. I reuse the plastic bag but I could’ve prevented it buy just bringing my own container. So, don’t forget your containers when you go out!

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Let’s keep it real, it’s not really an individual’s fault for causing as much waste as he or she produces in a day. The biggest change that the people of the world can do to help our dying planet is influencing huge corporations to change as well.

One person’s trash can aid in reducing waste at maybe a small percentage but having no option but to constantly reuse our utensils, glasses and food containers will definitely create an impact that can actually benefit the planet.

In conclusion, it won’t hurt to stop by and check out which items you could use (and reuse) in order to help our planet.

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