Red Bull’s Hot Filipino Launch Party Gives You Wings!

When in Manila you might just see the iconic Red Bull trucks driving around the streets, or even F1 race cars pulling crazy stunts, because at long last Red Bull has launched in the Philippines!



7. Red Bull Bulls


4. DJ at Red Bull Launch Party


6. Red Bull F1 Racecar



Red Bull threw an amazing party for their launch in the Philippines. It was at the Makati Stock Exchange Plaza which is a wide open area, with fountains decorating the middle. The DJ station was pumping out tunes when I got there, with free Red Bull and champagne drinks all around. And in case you didn’t know, this is the best drink known to man!


Lots of music, dancing and celebrities for an all out cool experience. While I didn’t get to try it, in one section they had F1 racecar driving. A little different than your average PS3 game when you have headphones and an F1 Red Bull steering wheel!



2. Red Bull F1 Racing



And of course there was no stopping the party with celebrities models all around. From my experience, Red Bull is very popular in the US and I’m sure you guys will like it here. Just make sure you’re ready to get a jolt when you plan on drinking it!


Now, let’s see if I can’t do something about the 24 pack of Red Bull sitting in my living room…When in Manila Red Bull will give you wings to party ’til the break of dawn!



 5. Vince Golangco, JR Isaac, Charmaine Palermo  


1. Red Bull Launch Party 


3. Red Bull Party


8. Elijah Murray with Red Bull



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