Rebooting Your Diet with Mason Jars and Beyond

Rebooting Your Diet with Mason Jars and Beyond


During my high school days a few years back, it was easier to eat healthier in my opinion. Everything was controlled; everything was proportioned; and most of us were on a tight budget because of our allowances–meaning no late-night-let’s-food-trip hangouts! We had time to be active–were required to be in P.E. actually– go for a run, a stroll, anything.

Fast forward to today: already working 8-5pm office jobs meant being in front of our desks; lunch is something easy (usually unhealthy), stress makes us beg for the weekend. Weekend comes and binge-eating comes with it along with whatever excuse we give our adult selves, which is usually “I don’t have time.” Fast forward also to unhealthy habits and weight gain. Yep, that’s basically the summary of my early 20’s. With that being said, I looked for a way to “reboot” or “restart” my healthy habits. 

I found a lot of pre-packed meals that deliver insanely healthy and good food to your doorstep, but I found Mason Jars and Beyond to be the most clever way to reboot my system.

I had a long birthday week. Multiple celebrations with friends, co-workers, family, etc. which meant multiple binge-eating, alcohol and forceful merriment despite the calories! I contacted Mason Jars and Beyond right away through Instagram @masonjarsandbeyond, but you can also visit this link on your PC 


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They have 3 types of packages: 1-day, 3-day and 5-day packages, all of which come with salads, pressed juices, oats and teas! They will explain everything and send you a guide, so you will know which one to eat for which meal. The concept is very simple: raw, organic food packed with nutrients to sustain you for the duration of your detox. Benefits include: increased energy,  clearer skin, weight loss and reduced risk for diseases. 


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If it’s your first time, I would recommend the 1 or 3-day detox, so you won’t have any difficulties adjusting. While this is my first time , too, I still got the 5-day detox, though – mostly because I was so nauseous from all of the bad, fried, artificial food from my binge-eating. I was literally craving for good stuff for my body! 


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 Even celebrities are having a go at this new health trend! 


My verdict: I really felt energized. It was REAL food I was ingesting. I didn’t consume any coffee, which was a huge pat on the back for me since I am a coffee connoisseur aka addict. I lost around 3lbs in the span of 5 days with little exercise – what more if I did intense exercise? My goal was to restart my system and make me crave real sustenance – which I did! Plus, I got to keep these gorgeous authentic mason jars! I now pack them with easy snacks on-the-go to the office!

Some cons would be: I am on the savory end of the culinary spectrum. I prefer salt more than sugar, therefore I would have enjoyed more savory choices. The salads were really good, though. Amazing textures! I would give Mason Jars and Beyond an 8/10 verdict. It’s not the cheapest option out there, but I could see why! The ingredients and the mason jars were of high quality. Thank you for the reboot, Mason Jars and Beyond!


When looking to restart your healthy lifestyle or start it all together, Mason Jars and Beyond has got you covered.

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Rebooting Your Diet with Mason Jars and Beyond


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