Real Bacon Makes Waves

The classic and widely loved breakfast staple that is bacon has been completely reimagined in an original and delicious range of bacon treats. Get ready to elevate snack and meal times as BAKEN launches its introductory range of products in the Philippines and across the Asia Pacific at The Test Kitchen by Josh Boutwood last July 5, 2023. Invited celebrities, top chefs in the Philippines, food enthusiasts and important people in trade were sampled off a curated meal from entrée to dessert using BAKEN by the Executive Chef, Josh Boutwood.

BAKEN is a premium, all-bacon snack and confectionery line born from the founder’s self-professed obsession with bacon. Growing up in the Philippines, entrepreneur Rachel Carrasco was raised to love pork-alicious meals — eating crispy, crunchy bacon all the time. It is unsurprising that her porcine obsessions have followed her into adulthood; and building this bacon snack company has become a dream job and a serious life mission.

After three years getting greasy in the kitchen, she has come up with three deliciously quirky products: Real Bacon Crisps, Bacon Cookies and Bacon Jam. All of them make the grade for cozy nights in with loved ones, as a reward after a hard day’s work, or really any time those cravings hit!

2021 Baken Product shoot June 1st1258B

Smoky and salty with a crispiness that pushes the very limits of self-control, the Real Bacon Crisps are the OG product first envisioned on their quest for snack supremacy. These are not bacon-flavored chips, but ready-to-eat, real bacon strips that promise a burst of flavor and satisfying crunch. While you’ll probably want to heartily consume them as is, they can also be enjoyed as a topping over dishes, in sandwiches and salads, and even desserts.

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So unstoppable was this bacon-loving creativity that it spilled over into two more fun and unique spin-offs. The Bacon Cookies combine moreish bacon bits with the sweetness of chocolate chips, and are baked together into soft and chewy cookies. Finally, there is Bacon Jam, a sweet and savory creation overloaded with bacon bits and with a kick of zest that will surely enliven any condiment cabinet. Like the Real Bacon Crisps, all of these use 100% real bacon and no artificial substitutes.

2021 Baken Product shoot June 1st1221B

Let Baken take you on a journey, from the crispy outside and the real bacon inside, to all the memories you can make while enjoying this snack. We want you to love it, hoard it and share it!

Baken is now available in select markets in Asia Pacific, including Philippines, Singapore and Australia. Shop now on and . Follow @shopbaken on Instagram and Facebook
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