Razerzone Store 90% Discount Coupon Code Accident Addressed By CEO



A few days back a coupon code that allowed customers to purchase Razer products at 90% at the UK Razerzone store went viral. Razer CEO, Min-Liang Tan addresses the situation with a positive response to Razer fans to honour all the purchases made with that coupon code.

In a short press release statement Min-Liang Tan said “While we have the option of cancelling the orders legally, we’ve always had a customer comes first policy at Razer and in respect of this incident, we have decided to honor the orders that were placed using the unauthorized code by Razer fans buying single products for their own use.”, This move from Razer’s CEO will equate to a considerable amount of losses for the company and a couple of weeks or months to deliver all these backorders. Furthermore Min-Liang emphasises how much they value their customers when he said, “Our focus is on doing the right thing for our fans, the gamers and the community”.

I really like how Razer values their fans to as much as overlooking company cost, just to ensure that their customers won’t get disappointed. So with this I would like to request all Razer fans and WhenInManila to leave a comment and tells us what you think of the gesture that Razer made for their consumers.