Ramsay Bolton to Star as Adolf Hitler in New TV Movie

Who could forget the cold stare and cold heart of the character Ramsay Bolton in ‘Game of Thrones‘? You have to admit: Iwan Rheon played his role so well that it was hard to hate his face every time he came on the screen. Well, it seems like he’s putting that reputation to good use by playing another ‘bad guy’ on the TV screen: Adolf Hitler.

The TV film will be called ‘Adolf the Artist’ and in it, Iwan will be playing a young Adolf Hitler alongside Rupert Grint (better known as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies), who will be playing Hitler’s friend. The TV film will focus on Hitler’s younger days before the German Reich and World War II.

Ramsay Bolton Adolf Hitler Ron Weasley Rupert Grint

I grew up in Germany, so I’m personally pretty excited to see this. After all, it’s not everyday someone talks about what Hitler was like before he became┬áthe dictator that killed millions. Will you watch this? ­čÖé

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