Rags2Riches Holiday 2013 Collection with Liz Uy: ARTEsanal Luxe


Rags2Riches Holiday 2013 Collection with Liz Uy: ARTEsanal Luxe



When in Manila, take a cue from Rags2Riches’ holiday collection and wear your advocacy on your arm, in the form of their stylish and substantial pieces. For their Fall 2013 Collection, Rags2Riches seamlessly bring together the sharp shapes and glamorous appeal of the Art Deco movement and the flawless craftsmanship of our local artisans from various regions of the country. (Photos from Rags2Riches Facebook Page.)

 CocoThe “Coco” minaudiere


GeorgiaThe “Georgia” clutch


Greta (1)The “Greta” envelope clutch


Louise (2)The “Louise” mini bag


JordanaThe “Jordana” hobo bag


Collectively known as ARTEsanal Luxe, Rags2Riches’ Fall 2013 Collection features a selection of clutches, minaudieres, hobo bags and mini bags in their signature aesthetic of vibrant hues and strategic embellishment, lending Rags2Riches’ artisanal pieces that touch of elegance that is both timely and classic. All Rags2Riches items manifest the inventive use of scrap fabric and organic material conceived from the skillful hands of local artisans whose livelihood is based on the production of such items.

 liz-uy-rags2riches-8Georgina Wilson with the “Greta” clutch in black.


liz-uy-rags2riches-7Liz Uy with the “Louise” in blue


Rags2Riches’ eco-ethical advocacy ensures the pieces you have in your hands speak volumes of its artistic design and indigenous origin. The result of Rags2Riches’ efforts is a bona fide statement piece that strikes a chord on both social and sartorial levels. It just goes to show that fashion can go beyond trends; glamour can possess substance, and that accessories can serve more than an embellishment to one’s ensemble.


liz-uy-rags2riches-9Bianca Gonzales with Rajo Laurel and Liz Uy at the Rags2Riches Fall 2013 Collection Launch

 liz-uy-rags2riches-4Liz Uy and Rajo Laurel with the team behind Rags2Riches


In keeping with the luxe vibe of Rags2Riches’ current collection, they’ve called on local fashion figure Liz Uy to be the Style Advocate of their Fall/Holiday pieces. The latest collection truly embodies the celebrity stylist and editor-at-large, who firmly believes in statement-making personal style.


Homegrown and fashionable, Liz Uy for Rags2Riches is that statement piece you’ve been looking for to complete your holiday wardrobe when in Manila.





Website: https://rags2riches.ph/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rags2RichesInc



Rags2Riches Holiday 2013 Collection with Liz Uy: ARTEsanal Luxe