Quantum Café: Script-Writing Class in this Healthy Café!

When in Manila and you want to unleash the artist in you, then you’re on the right page! Recently, I attended this script-writing Class in Quantum Café Makati.  It’s a five-day class (Php 3,700) that would take you through a fun, learning process of brainstorming for a character, writing and refining a script, up until the actual reading of your 10-minute play.

Quantum Café is a very unique café that not only serves great healthy foods (think thinly sliced soft mushrooms and sticky hot mozzarella cheese on moist wheat dough pizza) but also takes effort in bringing out the artist in you.   


Quantum Café is a stand-alone restaurant located in Kamagong corner Bagtikan street.  It’s a convenient and conducive place for artists (writers, actors, painters, musicians) to meet, to be trained and to flourish. 




Inside this spacious café are earth-colored walls and tables that make this cozy place very well your second home.  A chalk drawn menu-board adds a country feel.  And since Quantum Café is a café for artists, Quantum Cafe has a stage where (both experienced and neophyte) actors and comedians do what they love to do to keep the customers entertained on week nights.  The architecture is done for this purpose too. Beautifully designed lights are mounted on the ceiling.  While the tables are customized to be sound proof.


On the first day, my classmates and I were tasked to create a character beat.  A character beat is basically information about a character that includes how she should look like, in what setting she lives, what motivates her, and what her heart desires. If you’d like to try this at home, here’s a tip: Create characters that you may as well like because they will have to become your bestfriends throughout the whole script writing process. If you would like to read my character beat, go to Adventures of Princess Mitzi

Then, we created the beat sheet.  This is an outline of how the story will go.  If you would like to read more about this, here’s our instructor’s blog on it. 

On the next days, we read each other’s 5-page long scripts, gave constructive inputs and continued writing our scripts.  It’s interesting that even our script-writing instructor, Majar, did the assignment. 



I was surprised that actual stage actors were invited to Quantum Café for our culmination afternoon. Five chairs were set onstage.  Each actor sat in one and wore an aura of the character they were playing. 

Thanks to Quantum Café, the story that was once in my head is now painted in words; and these words have been brought to life that Friday afternoon.

So, if you’d like to discover and hone the artist in you, be sure to visit Quantum Café.  I heard that they would be having a Food Writing class on June 1, 5 to 9pm.   “Like” Quantum Cafe’s Facebook page and watch out for more news!


Location: 9590 Kamagong Cor. Bagtikan Street, 1293 Makati City

Tel: 519-0757

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/quantumcafeph


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