PWR: Terminus – Pinoy Pro Wrestling Event Ends 2014 With a Bang!

PWR-Terminus-Mayhem-Apocalypse1 Apocalypse and Mayhem take the fight upstairs

PWR-Terminus-Mayhem-Apocalypse2One HARD shot to the back!



Falls Count Anywhere Match: Apocalypse vs Mayhem Brannigan

The match between Apocalypse and Mayhem literally took the stipulation to heart. After Mayhem and Apocalypse brawled across the crowd, they went UPSTAIRS and proceeded to beat each other up. Things got a bit more complicated once Classical Bryan Leo showed up and tried to interpreter. Thankfully, the referee saw to it that he won’t and sent him out a few minutes later (not before Leo had a shouting match with the new GM Mr. Sy). The match was brutal and saw kendo sticks, thumbtacks and an assortment of items being used by both men against each other. Mayhem showed his will to win after kicking out of a very painful tombstone piledriver from the concrete floor. Both Mayhem and Apocalypse also showed their high risk moves as the former delivered a senton splash while the latter made a perfectly executed Undertaker-esque dive off the ropes. Mayhem prevailed in the end and set things RIGHT with the Rock n’ Roll finisher.

PWR-Terminus-JDL1Tonight’s Challenger: John Sebastian


PWR-Terminus-JDL2JDL goes for the kill


PWR Boot camp Challenge: “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon vs John Sebastian

Last October, PWR held a boot camp and on Terminus, one of its graduates stepped up the plate to take on the charismatic patron of PWR: Jake De Leon. The challenger’s name was John Sebastian, one very confident boot camper who was poised to win against JDL. True to his word, the boot camper put up a very good fight and went hold for hold against JDL. However, the Senyorito’s in-ring experience was too much for Sebastian to handle and he was sent packing with the Alipin Drop.

PWR TerminusJDL and Bombay with a surprise to start the match


PWR Terminus Bombay flies off


PWR TerminusBryan Leo tries to end the match with his finisher


“The Senyorito” Jake De Leon and Bombay Suarez vs Classical Bryan Leo and Main Maxx

It was time for the main event of the evening and it delivered. Bombay and JDL took their opponents by surprise by spraying mists on their faces. A couple of highlights in the main event included the 3 Amigos delivered by Bombay and Bryan Leo locking in the sharpshooter on JDL. Other highlights of the main event were the 3D on Bryan Leo by JDL and Bombay and the 2 superkicks that took Main Maxx down. Apocalypse ran down ringside to get some revenge on Main Maxx from the last show and the two titans had a brawl to the back. With Maxx out of the picture, Bryan Leo was all alone against JDL and Bombay. Bombay and JDL delivered an amazing KOTD/Alipin Drop combo finish on Bryan Leo for the win. The ending of the match saw Mayhem downing Leo and singing his PWR contract on top of his rival’s body. Yes sir, all is RIGHT again in the world of PWR.

 PWR TerminusBombay, Mayhem and JDL posing for the fans


If Renaissance was the proof that Philippine professional wrestling was back in the country, PWR: Terminus was the event that solidified that PWR and Pinoy pro wrestling is here to stay. Thank you to the men and women of Philippine Wrestling Revolution who invited us to this great event. We are proud to support your cause of promoting local professional wrestling in this country. More power to you all!

PWR TerminusThe Smark Gilas-Pilipinas Podcast Trio w/ Scarlett


WIM Photos by: Hub Pacheco


Quick PWR: Terminus Results

Chris Panzer def. Ken Warren

Main Maxx def. Kanto Terror and Mark B. Manalo

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Mayhem Brannigan def. Apocalypse

PWR Bootcamp Challenge: “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon def. John Sebastian

“The Senyorito” Jake De Leon and Bombay Suarez def. Classical Bryan Leo and Main Maxx


PWR: Terminus – Pinoy Pro Wrestling Event Ends 2014 With a Bang!


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