Protect your Hair this Summer: Nounou Pak Treatment at Azta Urban Salon

When in Manila and just about to hit the beach,  you’ve got to visit Azta Urban Salon and try their Nounou Pak Treatment to protect your hair from serious sun damage.


We know that using sunblock  is so important for our skin, so why should we forget our hair? It’s exposed to the sun just as much as our skin is so you really need to think about having your hair treated first before you regret it later on when the damage has been done and you end up with hair that is horribly sun-bleached and ultra-dry.


My mom always said that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory so I always try to make sure that I take pretty good care of my roots and with summer already here, I really want to make sure that my hair is well-protected from the harsh summer sun. When I heard about this summer hair treatment at Azta Urban Salon, I really couldn’t wait to try it. My sister-in-law and I went to their Eastwood branch and it was quite busy  when we arrived and to me, that’s always a good sign, it lets me know I’ve come to the right place and the right people to take care of my hair. What was great about the place was that even though it was busy, the salon was pretty spacious so there was a lot of room for their clients not to feel cramped up in the space. The interior was also very modern and yet comfortable so college students, young working adults, moms, ok, I mean really, anyone who loves modern day comfort and style  would feel right at home here.


When we arrived, we were led to our areas right away and were introduced to the ladies who would be working on our hair which salons hardly ever do, you usually go to a salon, sit down and you’ll never know the names of the people  who assist the hairstylists so i thought that was nice.

When they told me that they had to shampoo our hair, we stood up, but then we were informed that they would do it right there, no need to go to the shampoo area. Wow. I felt like a Neanderthal, I’ve never heard of a salon that would shampoo my hair right there in my seat. You could imagine my sheer delight with that experience!

After shampooing my hair, they applied Davine’s Nounou Pak Treatment which contains olive butter and cherry oil-which greatly helps moisturize your hair. Davines Nounou Pak is a deep nourishment mask with restorative effect, and it’s ideal for dry, stressed hair (a.k.a. sun-damaged and treated hair). It also contains jojoba oil that provides emollients to make your hair soft to the touch and notably shinier. After applying the treatment, they even gave us a head massage that almost put me to sleep. We had to wait for about 40 minutes before rinsing the treatment off so I decided to take more pictures.


After shampoo and blow-dry, we were advised not to put any product on our hair for 24 hours and my hair was so soft I really  had no intention of putting any more product, except for juuuust a little hair serum because I’m just not used to not having anything on my hair, so they were really nice to give in to my request. My hair is now soft and shiny and ultra beach-ready!

Protect your Hair this Summer: Nounou Pak Treatment at Azta Urban Salon

If you guys are curious about this treatment, you’ll love the fact that for the summer, Azta Urban salon is giving us a promo so we can ready our hair for the summer sun. The Nounou Pak treatment is available for only 449php instead of the regular price of 900php.

So when in manila and deciding to hit the beach soon, decide first to take care of your hair by visiting Azta Urban Salon for a Nounou Pak Treatment!

Katipunan Avenue 4346733

Robinsons Metroeast 6822107

Eastwood City 6876527

Alabang Town Center 6592249

Robinson’s Pioneer 6873289

SM San Lazaro 0932.4067269


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