This Program Led by a Pilot and Scientist Champions Greater Good

In a heartwarming collaboration, the President of Philippine Airlines (PAL) and the United Nations (UN) acclaimed scientist have come together to create a powerful outreach program called “Bridging Hearts and Hands”. This program aims to make a lasting impact on communities by fostering connections, empathy, and positive change.

Captain Stanley Ng, both a seasoned pilot and astute businessman, imparts invaluable wisdom drawn from his aviation journey and professional life. Recently, he kindled hope and joy during a visit to the Sandiwaan Center for Learning in Tondo, Manila. There, he delivered an inspiring talk, emphasizing hard work and the pursuit of dreams. Reflecting on his challenges as a student in Manila, Capt. Ng urged young listeners to persevere: “Life is an unpredictable adventure, much like climbing a mountain. As you ascend, you’ll encounter steep slopes, rocky paths, and breathtaking vistas. Remember that every step, even the challenging ones, contributes to your growth.” 

When doubt whispers, drown it out with determination. Remember, you’re not alone on this climb. You are capable, and your potential knows no bounds. The world needs your unique light, your unwavering spirit. Surround yourself with fellow adventurers, seek wisdom from those who’ve scaled their own peaks, and keep your eyes on the horizon. The summit awaits—your legacy etched against the sky,” Ng declared.

Bridging Hearts and Hands

Science Diplomat Glenn Banaguas, the UN Sasakawa Laureate and multi-awarded scientist, expressed his profound message: “Passion is the fire that ignites our souls, the compass that guides us through life’s labyrinth. It’s not about the accolades, the trophies, or the applause. No, true passion resides in the quiet moments when we lose ourselves in our craft, when time ceases to exist, and the world fades away. It’s the late nights spent perfecting a brushstroke, the melodies composed in solitude, the code written line by line with unwavering dedication.

Chase your passion relentlessly. Let it consume you, shape you, and propel you forward. And remember, the greatest reward lies not in the spotlight but in the quiet satisfaction of knowing you’ve poured your heart into something that matters,” Banaguas added.

The “Bridging Hearts and Hands” initiative is a powerful reminder of shared humanity and the importance of kindness in every interaction. It’s a call to action that resonates deeply, inspiring every individual to create an atmosphere of compassion in communities. This project is a testament to the power of inspiring courageous deeds and the difference it can make in people’s lives. 

Fr. Benigno Beltran, SVD, the Sandiwaan Center Administrator, conveyed his appreciation for the contributions made by the two remarkable individuals: “May your kindness reverberate through the ages, a legacy etched in hearts and whispered by the wind. For every peso, every gesture, every act of love, we say: Thank you,” the priest mentioned.

Captain Stanley Ng, currently serving as President and COO at Philippine Airlines, boasts over 15 years of aviation expertise. His leadership has driven transformative initiatives, enhancing PAL’s punctuality and reliability. An alumnus of St. Stephen’s High School, he completed the Advance Management Program at Harvard Business School and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, Major in Computer Applications from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.

Meanwhile, Banaguas—a distinguished scientist and science diplomat—stands as one of Asia’s foremost authorities on environment, climate change, and disaster risk. He studied Climate Change and Energy from the Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University and Sustainability Leadership from Yale University. He took Applied Remote Sensing Program from the National Aeronautics Space Administration and other postgraduate courses from the different world-class institutions. 

The “Bridging Hearts and Hands”, which exemplifies the impact of compassion and understanding, resonates with the message, echoing hope and ambition for the next generation.

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