Prince George Is Apparently Fed Up With Going To School

Prince George may be third in line to the throne, but that doesn’t make him any immune to the school blues that kids normally feel!

It’s only been three weeks since we saw his father, Prince William drop off Prince George — who looked absolutely adorable in his blue uniform! — for his first day of school at Thomas’s Battersea, yet if his father is to be believed, the four-year-old royal is already sick of school!

William apparently shared this tidbit during royal engagement in Milton Keynes, as he was discussing with a fellow parent: “I just dropped George off and he didn’t want to go.”

Of course, we all know what the prince is feeling. As children, didn’t you just dread the everyday routine of having to wake up early and get ready for school?

It’s okay, George. At least you have some serious first-class lunches to look forward to like lamb ragout, salmon fillet and Portuguese egg tarts. Oh, bollocks — you’re probably looking for PB&J sandwiches and chocolate ice cream anyway.

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