LOOK: This Couple’s Prenup Shoot Inspired by Ang Bandang Shirley’s Songs Is so Heartwarming

One way to share your love story in the most creative way you prefer is through a prenup shoot! No wonder many soon-to-weds opt to do it before tying the knot. Well, this couple really unleashed their artistry to show the world what holds a special meaning in their relationship.

Ang Bandang Shirley inspired prenup shoot

Photo: Film8

Inspired by the songs of Filipino pop rock band Ang Bandang Shirley, Kim Bernardino and Jonathan Tolentino pulled off a lovely prenup shoot that tells their journey as a couple through heartwarming lyrics. So, how did their love story begin? 

Ang Bandang Shirley Love Story

According to Kim, their paths intertwined in 2016 during the launch of Ang Bandang Shirley’s merchandise. There must be something special on that night because she won a raffle for the first time ever, which led her to the person she’ll spend the rest of her life with.

“[In] 2016, I went for the ‘Umaapaw T-shirt’ launch at Route 196. I’m not the kind of person who wins at raffle draws or lotteries kasi di naman ako tumataya, but this specific night changed that. For the first time in my life, I finally won,” she told WhenInManila.com.

Ang Bandang Shirley inspired prenup shoot

Photo: Film8

The bride-to-be said as she rushed to get her prize, she noticed Jonathan, among the audience, smiling widely at her. Definitely feels like those slow-mo moments in the movie!

She continued, “The prize was a Shirley sticker I held dearly because that night, I received more than that. He remembered my name, and the rest is our story.”

The two instantly clicked as they’re both fans of the band! They even have a fans club called Ang Bandang Shirley Barkada Club, of which Kim is one of the founders. 

What Home Feels Like

Their prenup shoot highlighted their moments together enjoying the sunset and fun food trips, taking a walk from Mandaluyong to Makati, and, of course, attending gigs. We just loved how their smiles and precious moments were beautifully captured!

Each photo has lyrics from Ang Bandang Shirley’s songs written on it, such as Umaapaw, Nakauwi Na, Xmas Lights, Iyong, Actually, Together Forever, Glacier, Sa Madaling Salita, and Makahiya.

“It was always that concept. We knew that [Ang Bandang] Shirley played a great role in our relationship, so we wanted to really remember our younger days in our usual spots,” she said.

She revealed that they were the ones who curated the lyrics in each photo, which are very cute and creative. Plus, it added romance and *feels* to their prenup photos!

Kim also mentioned that the entire Ang Bandang Shirley crew knows about their love story, and guess what? The band will perform at their wedding this December! 

“I actually told them years back that when Jonathan and I get married, I’ll have them sing in our wedding, and they will!!” she happily shared.

What a dream come true, indeed, for this couple! *plays Nakauwi Na*

See the clip of the prenup shoot below!

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