LOOK: This Church-building Initiative Transforms Prayers Into NFT Art

In keeping up with the times, Gigil METAMA announces the launch of a groundbreaking initiative called “Divine ArchiTech.” The campaign fuses spirituality and technology by transforming prayers into non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This pioneering concept allows individuals to turn their spiritual expressions into unique visual artistic digital assets, forever preserving their heartfelt thoughts and hopes. 

Prayer, a deeply personal and significant practice for many people across the globe, has long been a means of seeking solace, guidance, and connection with God. By digitizing these sacred sentiments into NFTs, Digital ArchiTech is revolutionizing the way prayers are shared, preserved, and experienced.

divine architech

By donating to Divine ArchiTech’s pioneering project “Made With Prayers”, individuals are able to access this process. Individuals can then submit their prayers via simple formatted text, and through use of AI Art Generators the text is turned into earnest works of art which are then stored into their digital wallets. Another option is to donate the artwork to the Divine ArchiTech’s gallery and allow their artist to mint them to be sold as NFTs to generate more funding for the cause. 

The introduction of NFTs into the spiritual realm opens up exciting possibilities for artists, creators, and charitable causes. The creation of prayer NFTs can generate funds for various philanthropic initiatives, supporting noble causes and uplifting communities in need. It is the goal of Divine ArchiTech to create platforms of worship by building churches worldwide, especially in places where physical churches are lacking. Through this campaign, the Blessed Ozanam Parish in Markham, Canada became the first church project to be taken on.

Behind this amazing integration of worship and technology are the minds at GIGIL and their tech arm, GIGIL METAMA.

For updates on the campaign and more information on how to donate follow Divine ArchiTech:

Website: https://m.divinearchitech.com/made-with-prayers

Instagram: @divine_architech